FLATSITTER (CV) is an interdisciplinary collaborative led by Kyle Marler that incorporates video, film, virtual reality, performance and installation. The artistic works explore the periphery of our comprehension of human consciousness, and are exhibited in an array of formats, such as ephemeral web collections, live performances, site-specific installations, short films, and live virtual reality experiences. Kyle drove the Dream Wanderer bus across North America in 2017, and Aimee and Colin are the new bus parents in the high desert. www.flatsitter.com

COLIN MACCUBBIN is a recent transplant to the High Desert of California via Buffalo, NY. He spent his 20’s stomping around New Jersey and New York City and then living and working in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. As a result of being part of the underground scene, Colin has developed an unbridled art-making practice that draws inspiration from rock n roll, chaos, and devilry. He was made famous in the closing credits of @midnight and for reading the novel “Encino Man” to a chicken.

AIMEE BUYEA recently moved to Landers, CA to become a desert rat, care-taker of art projects and to enjoy the sunshine. Aimee is a Buffalo, NY born artist, marching band enthusiast, organizer and co-founder of the DIY all-ages space Sugar City. She enjoys traveling, volunteering, retaining knowledge and researching alternative art spaces/movements around the country. www.aimeebuyea.com