After a yearlong journey across North America, The Dream Wanderer virtual reality gallery has found a new home in Landers, California — a short drive from Joshua Tree National Park. Click HERE to plan your visit.

Along the way, we’ve delivered almost 25,000 live VR experiences for: art fair denizens in Miami and Mexico City; drunkspunks, and monks in New Orleans; surfers in Oaxaca, movie stars in Los Angeles; technophiles at Moogfest; dirt ravers at Burning Man; poutine lovers in Ontario & Quebec; and good/tortured souls across the Bible Belt.

Check out the amazing glitch design on the bus by Phillip Stearns and follow us on Instagram to keep track of future adventures.


Flatsitter CV

Flatsitter is an interdisciplinary collaborative led by Kyle Marler that incorporates video, film, virtual reality, performance and installation. The artistic works explore the periphery of our comprehension of human consciousness, and are exhibited in an array of formats, such as ephemeral web collections, live performances, site-specific installations, short films, and live virtual reality experiences.