This has never been done before…

The Dream Wanderer was once a forgotten Ford Econoline transit shuttle parked in the back lot at a used car dealership in Olean, NY. After being gutted, retrofitted, and wrapped with a dreamy vinyl glitch design by Phillip David Stearns, the Dream Wanderer has a third life as a touring virtual reality gallery showcasing all-original virtual reality artworks by Buffalo-based arts collective Flatsitter.

Keep tuned to our Twitter feed for up-to-date info on our location.


Flatsitter CV

Flatsitter is an interdisciplinary collaborative led by Kyle Marler that incorporates video, film, virtual reality, performance and installation. The artistic works explore the periphery of our comprehension of human consciousness, and are exhibited in an array of formats, such as ephemeral web collections, live performances, site-specific installations, short films, and live virtual reality experiences.